“A home in the making, which often changes its dress, with the passing of the season or with the approach of special events, like a beautiful woman who slough accessories and perfumes but, in its thousand fascinating facets, retains the personality that distinguishes her.”


Celebrate your space with our selection of furniture and decorations to transform any room into a welcoming retreat.

Here we offer an overview of products for sale in our showroom in Pietrasanta, with the aim of maintaining direct contact with our customers even outside our atelier. 

You will observe custom-made furnishings from our artistic craftsmanship as regards both custom-made furniture and textile production; you will find art objects and unique pieces, decorative objects belonging to rare and limited edition collections, and salvaged items. All this is the result of our passionate research, with the aim of making the house a welcoming and harmonious environment for those who live there but also for those who visit it. 

Thanks to the fusion of different styles, ranging from French Baroque to contemporary minimal, and to the combination of neutral shades that are the background to ethnic objects with bright and lively colors, we offer the possibility of combining within your home varied (and colorful) furnitures, without our products displayed here disturbing a satisfying aesthetic harmony. 

We also provide a consultancy service regarding not only the custom-made furniture for all spaces in the house (from the kitchen, to the living room, to the outdoors) and the trompe-l'oeil decoration to enrich walls, floors and ceilings, entrusted to the artists of our staff, but also the supply of household appliances or sets of dishes and cutlery for the table, and curtains.


The charm of lighting, a selection of lamps to create unique atmospheres.

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