"A home in the making, which often changes its dress with the passing of the seasons or with the approach of special events, like a beautiful woman who slough accessories and perfumes but, in her thousand fascinating facets, retains the pesonality that distinguishes her."

Text written by the journalist Maria Luisa Bonivento, on the occasion of the various articles published in specialized magazines, describing the furnishings and houses that the Interior Decorator Emanuela Marchesini has created for her clients.

What I can study and invent is the result of a unbridled passion for the atmosphere that the house can give. My work is also possible thanks to the collaboration of a staff of expert craftsmen. The first contact with the cusatomer is very important for me, to understand needs, habits and desires, transforming everything into a magical atmosphere. After a careful study of the location of the house, we move on the drafting of the drawings. With an extensive photographic curriculum, with many examples of the homes we have transformed, we can offer our customer the best design solutions. In full compliance with the client's needs and in the awareness that all furnishings must have the same flavour, each home always has its own, unique and unmistakable personality.

Emanuela Marchesini is an interior designer with a great passion for everything related to art, aesthetics, the cult of beauty. Her source of inspiration is the home, the atmosphere that indoor and outdoor environments can arouse to the human soul.

Her attention to what is our home of soul and body is elegant and refined. She creates spaces that transmit a fascinating and delicate light, where minimal and contemporary meet salvaged elements, bespoke furnishings and color studies, all respecting the client who relies both on her hands and the architectural structure that welcomes her.

From her studio, showroom and atelier/boutique in Pietrasanta, in Tuscany, Emanuela Marchesini offers unique pieces curated by a selection of artists and artisans who are part of her staff. Its interior designs in solids wood, iron, its furnishings accessories such as sofas, beds and armchairs in linen, silk, velvet and its decoration, can be made upon consultation.

Drawing both from strong and modern ethnic cultural influences and from ancient and flavor references, she sets against a background of neutral patinas and soft a design that creates a harmony of light and shadow, color scales and also gray scales, underlining the particularity of the surfaces and harmonies. With these peaceful environments, Emanuela Marchesini's spaces give an extraordinary atmosphere to the life if the house.

Timeless, unique.