In order to further develop research, Emanuela Marchesini Shop is entitled to modify its products at any time. Small irregularities and differences are to be expected because each piece of the collection is handmade and therefore unique. The buyer accepts that the wood can show cracks and stains, which are an inherent characteristic of the natural materials that are being used. As does he acknowledge that the wood, metal, fabric or stone can present color differences. Complaints that address variations of this kind will not be accepted as valid and do not allow for refunds or rejection of the goods.


Only when the invoice is paid in full, the goods will be released. As long as the goods are not completely paid for, they remain property of Emanuela Marchesini Shop. We do not accept checks, only bank deposits (all transaction costs -national and international- are charged to the client). Please always mention the number of your order when you wire your payment.


The goods prices will be the prices valid on the day of confirmation of the order by wiring the deposit. Emanuela Marchesini reserves the right to change prices at any time without giving any prior notice.


Complaints can only be accepted when done in writing within 3 days after delivery of the goods. Returns are not accepted, unless this has been mutually agreed upon. Returned goods will only be credited if they are returned in their original state.


In case of cancellation, the total amount will be charged.